Obsessed With the Bottom Line

Sequoia Consulting helps concerned executives reduce security costs and get better business and security outcomes.

Most security professionals entered the field not due to a passion for solving business problems or performing holistic cost-analysis, but rather because of a love of technology. This has created a bias where almost everything has become a technological problem and caused other factors to be ignored. As a result, security spend keeps increasing while outcomes for businesses keep getting worse.

Security is not fundamentally a technology issue. Most security vulnerabilities are ultimately caused product or process quality problems - things that are best addressed with changes in organisational structures, processes, and practices in such a way as to reduce the number of risks and issues organisations must contend with over time, rather than forever ramping up the use of mitigating technologies.

This allows for a continuous decrease in exposure and associated costs, the exact opposite of today's status quo. Better yet, sometimes these improvements can also create new business efficiencies and opportunities.

We are not a "cyber" company. We have no specific focus on technology or "doing security" a certain way. Our only concern is reaching the ideal outcome of security in the way that best supports your organisation's bottom line. This is something no technology-first function or third-party standard [that's never seen your business] possibly could.

It's simple, and if you give us 30 minutes we will change your notion of what security should be - no fluff, no fear-mongering, no techno-babble. Just a quality function that improves your business outcomes, not a technical cost-centre forever chasing symptoms of a broader but unaddressed problem.

We invite you to look at our manifesto, vision, and mission here.