Security That Speaks To Business

Security is a cost-centre that often struggles to keep up with ever-increasing risks. That's the status quo anyway, and we think it's backwards.

We empower your organisation's security function to be, first and foremost, a quality function. One that improves your business and IT processes so that you have cumulatively fewer issues to manage over time, rather than having to endlessly ramp up risk-management effort and cost.

In a nutshell, we help you stop having to do more and more cybersecurity, and instead help you do more business securely.

That leads to fewer incidents, lower costs, and new business opportunities.

Doesn't sound like what you're used to hearing about security? That's because rather than follow cybersecurity trends that have shown little real-world success, we provide holistic fact-based advisory that shapes ideal outcomes for both security and business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organisations be more resilient and more profitable by transforming how they look at and handle risk.

We believe the status quo is wrong, and that organisations' best bet to be secure is through quality management, eliminating the internal root causes behind your risks and vulnerabilities in a cost-provable way rather than just increasing risk-management effort every year.

We move the practice of security from being an often ineffective and disconnected firefighting exercise to one that addresses the internal processes creating your cybersecurity risks in the first place.

Our Value

The trend in cybersecurity is a worrying one for organisations: Spending is up every year, and breaches are only increasing.

The industry says double down, but the real problem is the lack of strategy, structure, cohesion, and business-alignment within security functions leading to ineffective approaches and spend.

That's where we come in. We reduce risk not by forever managing or mitigating, but by eliminating its sources - for good. We cumulatively reduce your risk management costs while driving up the quality (and profitability) of your business and its processes.