We are not a "normal" technology or governance consultancy. We do not focus on technology or "compliance". We focus on the reasons they fail.

A regular complaint we hear from executives is that they do not feel their security functions are where they need to be. Not in terms of technology, but in terms of business alignment, strategy, communication, and value.

Imagine starting as CEO of a troubled company whose products aren't selling. You ask your Chief Marketing Officer what the marketing strategy is, and the reply is a list of tools and nothing else. No customer research, no understanding of your product(s) or services, no awareness as to how the company works, no defined audience. When marketing efforts fall short, the solution is to buy another platform. It's a recipe for failure and unacceptable. So why accept it from a security function?

For too long, security has been perceived as a technical function. Often one few in the business understand, which has ensured it little accountability. Conversely, security functions are often unable to integrate and interact effectively with the very businesses they are charged to protect.

We create the structures and business alignment that enables your security to not just protect effectively, but also to contribute.

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer
What We Do

To give you an analogy, doing security is a bit like keeping a ship afloat.

Ships leak, all the time. That's why they have bilge pumps to handle the unwanted water coming in. But no bilge pump in the world can help you if you have gaps in your hull or open ports below the waterline. That's ok, it's not the bilge pump's job to keep the whole ship afloat: it's the ship's - through its very structure, its processes, and so on.

So while most people in security are telling you to buy yet a bigger pump, we're here to help you build a better boat. One that doesn't just stay afloat better, but gives you more of what you want from a boat too.

We help you spend less on security by doing more business securely.

aerial view of boat on water
aerial view of boat on water

Helping You Through Rough Seas


Our starting point: a fixed-cost assessment of your security function's maturity, strategy, structure, and programme, culminating in a report and management presentation to help you understand your challenges and opportunities.

Our Services


One of the biggest issues we see in security functions is that most do not have a strategy that serves the business. They try to firefight technology risks caused by poor processes, without ever addressing those processes. We change that.


Even in organisations whose security functions are aware that their issues originate elsewhere in the business, the organisational structure to effectively address those upstream issues is typically lacking. We help devise and implement.

Programmes & Frameworks

Security is complex, it involves doing hundreds of things all across your business. We help you build programmes that define the what, how, and when of what needs to happen to improve your security posture, and [cost]-effectiveness.


What should your security journey look like over the coming years to ensure optimum outcomes? What structure or capabilities should you have? What solutions should you hone, phase out, or acquire? Here too we can help.

Mentoring & Training

Sometimes the best thing we can do to elevate your business is to elevate your people so that they can do it for you. Maximise your investment in your people by enabling them to drive more holistic, strategic, and business-focused outcomes.

Cost Reduction

Want to optimise your security to do more with less? We've driven reductions in operational security spend as high as 40%. Better yet, a quality-first security approach can find savings elsewhere to cover the full cost of the function, or more.


Are you leveraging your security as a brand value? As a competitive differentiator? We can help you develop commercial strategies around your security so that it does more than save you money: it can make you money.